GoodCap is developing psilocybin-based therapies to treat depression by targeting the gut-brain axis

Image of therapeutic mushrooms


  • High unmet patient need. We are developing low-dose psilocybin products to help the over 300 million people worldwide that are suffering from depression

  • Mechanism of action.  We are targeting depression via the gut-brain axis with an emphasis on reducing inflammation – a source of a broad array of physiology and disease in the body

  • Differentiated approach. We are the only company combining low-dose psilocybin together with synergistic potentiator molecules to amplify anti-inflammatory properties

  • Greater accessibility to patients. Our therapies are designed for regular at-home dosing, reducing the time and cost burden as compared to high-dose psilocybin approaches, which require significant health care provider oversight and psychotherapy sessions

  • Privately held with significant upside opportunity

Lead Program – GCAP001

Targeting Inflammation to Treat Depression

A novel, multi-receptor agonist targeting both inflammation and brain chemistry

Active molecules (psilocybin and potentiator molecule) are functionally understood separately, however our research has discovered they work unexpectedly and exceptionally well in combination

Originates from observations of >2,500 human use doses of psilocybin-based formulations in Jamaica

Over 500 assays performed at our laboratory on human cells and tissue cultures informing on formulation, toxicity and anti-inflammatory potential

GCAP001’s New Synergistic Action of Low Dose Psilocybin + Potentiator Molecules Targeting the Gut-Brain Axis