Our Team


Portrait of Steve Sadoff

Steve Sadoff,
Co-founder and CEO

Steve has more than 15 years of leadership experience developing and launching products in regulated markets including nutraceuticals, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and natural health. With a proven track record of growing sales, building brands, and leading product-development teams for Bacardi, Labatt, Novartis, and Jamieson Laboratories, Steve has led the successful introduction of nearly one hundred innovative products.

Portrait of Dr. Daryl Hudson

Darryl Hudson, Ph.D.,
Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer

Darryl has deep expertise in molecular biology, neuroscience, and genetics in psychedelics. He holds a PhD in molecular biology and genetics. Prior to founding GoodCap, Darryl co-founded InPlanta Biotechnology Inc. and Pathways Rx, where he led the development and commercialization of proprietary plant genetics. He has also co-authored numerous peer-reviewed research articles on plant biology, genetics, DNA repair, epigenetics, and cancer.

Ralph Landau, Ph.D.,
Chief Science Officer

Ralph is a highly skilled and experienced executive with a career spanning over 30 years leading R&D, compliance, manufacturing, and operations across a variety of pharmaceutical companies including Sandoz, Novartis, and Merck. He has led the commercialization of over 50 products covering a number of dosage forms, including Veregen, the first ever botanical drug approved by the FDA. Formally trained as a Ph.D. chemical engineer, Ralph has spent significant time in both generic and branded businesses and has a deep understanding of pharmaceutical drugs’ development & manufacturing processes.

Board of Directors

Rochelle Stenzler,

Rochelle served as Chair of the Board of publicly traded (TSX & NASDAQ) Cynapsus Therapeutics Inc., until it was acquired for C$841 million by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. in late 2016. She is currently the Chair of Spartan Bioscience Inc. and recently concluded a 9 year term where she served as a Board Director & Vice Chair of the Humber River Hospital in Toronto, Canada. Rochelle has extensive experience as a senior executive in retailing, consumer packaged goods, IVR technology & health care services, having held a variety of executive leadership roles including President of Revlon Canada Inc. and President & General Manager of Pharma Plus Drugmarts Ltd.

Joseph Elliot, Ph.D.

Joseph is founder and President of Biopharm Management Inc., a consulting practice through which he has advised pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biotech companies for twenty years. His skills and experience include raising capital, financing, licensing, drug development, manufacturing, and regulatory affairs. For the past 29 years he has been a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He has broad experience in pharmaceuticals, biologicals and vaccines in oncology and infectious diseases. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Joseph held senior technical and international marketing positions with Pharmacia Canada Inc. (now Pfizer) and Connaught Laboratories Inc. (now Sanofi-Pasteur Vaccines). He received his PhD in Medical Sciences from McMaster University.

Theresa Matkovits, Ph.D.

Theresa is a Biochemist and Molecular Biologist with more than 20 years of experience as a leader in global drug development and commercialization, with extensive expertise across a number of therapeutic areas including psychiatry, infectious disease, cardiovascular, and women’s health. She currently serves as the Chief Development Officer at Matinas Biopharma, leading the Global Development efforts for the company’s clinical-stage pipeline products.  Prior to this role, Theresa has held roles as a Chief Operating Officer; Vice President and Innovation Leader; and several global leadership positions at ContraVir (now Hepion), NPS Pharmaceuticals; The Medicines Company; and Novartis. She is also currently a member of the Board of Directors for Appili Therapeutics.

Carol Coughlin

Carol is an experienced board leader who specializes in auditing and risk and helps teams navigate corporate governance, IPOs, strategy, and M&A for highly regulated companies. She is an accomplished healthcare CFO and a certified public accountant with a track record of achieving profitability through growth, turnarounds, and M&A. She was highly involved in the sale of three private companies with nine-figure revenues to large, national public companies. Carol is currently managing director of a growth-advisory firm and serves on the board of the University of Maryland Medical Center and TrustyCare, an early stage Insure-Tech company.

Ted Chung

Ted Chung has more than 20 years of success in branding, corporate consulting, and communication strategy. Based in Los Angeles, he is the founder of a premiere diversity agency working with clients ranging from the largest streaming platforms & television studios to global consumer product goods brands. Ted is also a Co-Founder of venture capital firm Casa Verde Capital and has launched Emmy-nominated media platforms.

Lorne Gertner

Lorne is a co-founder of GoodCap Pharmaceuticals Inc. His prior experience in drug development includes co-founding Cannasat Therapeutics, which later became Cynapsus Therapeutics which sold to pharmaceutical giant Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. in 2016 for C$841 million. As a pioneer within disruptive industries, he co-founded and is the former chairman of PharmaCan Capital Corporation, now doing business as the publicly traded (TSX) Cronos Group Inc. He is also a co-founder of the Tokyo Smoke brand which is now owned by Canopy Growth after a purchase in 2018.

Portrait of Steve Sadoff

Steve Sadoff

Steve has more than 15 years of leadership experience developing and launching products in regulated markets including nutraceuticals, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and natural health. With a proven track record of growing sales, building brands, and leading product-development teams for Bacardi, Labatt, Novartis, and Jamieson Laboratories, Steve has led the successful introduction of nearly one hundred innovative products.


Robert Dantzer, Ph.D., DVM

Robert is a Professor in the Department of Symptom Research in the Division of Internal Medicine at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas. He has conducted research for many years on the interactions between the immune system and the brain. His current research aims at understanding the role of inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction in the pathophysiology of depression and fatigue. He has authored more than 550 original research papers, reviews and book chapters on stress, anxiety, neuropeptides, brain-immune interactions, and inflammation-associated depression. He is also the author of several books on stress, emotions, psychosomatics, neurobiology of cytokines, and immunopsychiatry.

Ken Croitoru, Ph.D., MD

Ken is gastroenterologist and internist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada with 35+ years of experience in medical practice, teaching, and research focused on gut inflammation and health. He has worked extensively with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada where he helped to develop the IBD Research Institute, and is now a project leader of the GEM Project, a global clinical study coordinated out of the IBD research group at the Zane Cohen Centre at Mount Sinai Hospital. Ken is a full Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, where he is a member of the Institute of Medical Science and secondarily appointed to the Department of Immunology.

Thomas Laughren, MD

Thomas has 29 years of experience at the FDA including as Director for the Division of Psychiatry Products, Dr. Laughren oversaw the review of all psychiatric drug development activities conducted under INDs and the review of all NDAs and supplements for new psychiatric drug claims. In addition, Thomas acted as a Director at Laughren Psychopharm, assisting in the development of pharmaceutical drugs.

Cory Weissman, MD

Cory is a board-certified psychiatrist who has strong clinical and research interests in interventional psychiatry. He completed his residency training in psychiatry at the University of Toronto, where he subsequently achieved a clinical and research fellowship in brain stimulation. Highly active in the field of psychedelic science, he was a founding member of the Psychedelic Science Interest Group at the University of Toronto and has published on psychedelic microdosing and led several studies investigating the potential use of psychedelics for suicidality.  Cory currently serves as an Assistant Professor and the Head of Interventional Psychiatry at UC San Diego, focusing on the development of novel treatments, including psychedelic medicines, for patients with severe mental illness.

Elizabeth Nielson, Ph.D.

Elizabeth is a Psychologist with training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP),and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).Co-Founder of Fluence, a psychedelic therapy and integration training program for psychotherapists, prescribing clinicians, and wellness professionals. Assistant Professor of Clinical Medical Psychology, Columbia University Department of Psychiatry.

Igor Kovalchuk, Ph.D.

Igor has more than 20 years of experience in plant biotechnology, genetics, and breeding with a research focus on medicinal plants. He is professor and Board of Governors Research Chair at the University of Lethbridge, has authored more than 150 peer-reviewed publications, and holds numerous patents and pending patents.

Sabrina Ramkellewan

Sabrina has 25 years of experience in the Health Care and Clinical Research Industry. Currently Sabrina is the Chief Operating Officer, KnowdeGroup, a Canadian-based, Global Contract Research Organisation (CRO) and Hybrid Consultancy dedicated to the advancement of Plant-Based and Progressive Therapeutics, President, Clinical Research Association of Canada, Research Committee Lead, MAPS Canada.

Andrew Williams

Andrew is a senior finance & corporate executive with 20+ years of Executive Management experience in private & public companies. Currently the CFO of Pattern Pharma, he was also the COO/CFO of Cynapsus Therapeutics, a CNS company that developed a therapeutic for OFF episodes associated with Parkinson’s disease. In 2016, Cynapsus was acquired for $841 million by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals. While Andrew was CFO, Cynapsus raised approximately $170 million primarily via private placements & public offerings, including a $72.5 million US IPO & NASDAQ listing in June 2015.

Mike Fata

Mike co-founded Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods in 1998. From 1998 to 2016, he ran all aspects of the company as Chairman of the Board and CEO. In February 2019, Mike helped guide the strategic sale of Manitoba Harvest to Tilray for $419 million dollars.