A life sciences company developing psilocybin-based therapeutics

Focused on the impact of inflammation with an immediate focus on mental health.

Image of therapeutic mushrooms

Impact of Inflammation

Systemic Chronic Inflammation is at the root of many diseases that collectively represent the leading causes of disability and mortality worldwide.

Chronic inflammation is known to negatively influence: cardiovascular disease; metabolic disorders; bone, muscular, & skeletal disease; neurological disorders; stages of various cancers; and mental health disorders. The anti-inflammatory market is expected to hit $135 Billion by 2026. 

A Good Mission

GoodCap is on a mission to develop a safer and more efficacious therapeutics to help those dealing with inflammation, with an initial focus of depression. 

Lead Program – GCAP001

GoodCap’s lead program, GCAP001, is a novel combination drug product designed to significantly improve the benefits of psilocybin at non-intoxicating doses.

It is a multi-receptor agonist targeting both gastrointestinal inflammation and brain chemistry, impacting depression and with the potential to extend into other inflammatory based indications.

Depressed Brain


Cells in the gut produce the neurotransmitter serotonin, which affects diet and nutrition as well as mood signaling in the brain.


Diet and the intestinal microbiome can prompt immune cells to produce pro-inflammatory cytokines that can induce depression and anxiety.

Vagus Nerve

Vagal tone bi-directional signal transduction can affect emotional regulation, depression, and even act as a measure of a person’s sensitivity to stress.

Inflamed Intestine

When inflammation is increased, depression increases.

GCAP001 Highlights

✓ Sub-perceptive, non-hallucinogenic

✓ Rapid onset

✓ Alignment with current prescribing routines

✓ Greater efficacy

✓ Greater safety

✓ Greater tolerability

✓ Avoids requirement for psychiatric therapy or

    integration therapy (compared to flood dose therapy)

✓ Increased accessibility leading to larger market size

    resulting in a greater reach and social impact


A Platform for Indication Expansion

GoodCap formulations target inflammation pathways and cascades, offering potential across multiple therapeutic areas. Although initially focused on depression, there are many other indications available to be explored.